A real estate development or other construction project to which the local residents are opposed. Acronym based on the phrase "locally unwanted land use."
Example Citation:
At the top of the list presented by the Southern Strategy committee — made up of city, county, School Board and planning staff — is speeding up the widening of Capital Circle, the traffic artery surrounding most of the city. Other recommendations included discouraging unattractive public projects — or LULUs, locally unwanted land uses — that are disproportionately located in the southern part of the county.
— John Fleming, "Commissioners discuss southern strategy," The Tallahassee Democrat, January 30, 2002
Earliest Citation:
Against these threats we can pose our own evolving vocabulary of barefoot epidemiology (community-based health monitoring), community and workplace right-to-know, toxic torts (the wrongful acts of polluters), compensable injuries (such as sexual harrassment), source reduction (of pollution), "LULUs" (locally unwanted land uses), "nimby" (not in my backyard).
— Lin Nelson, "Feminists turn to workplace, environmental health," Listen Real Loud, April 30, 1986
First Use:
— Frank J. Popper, "Siting LULUs," Planning, April 1981
To Don Munton for telling about the Popper article, which is where the term LULU first appeared.
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